Communication Skills Highly Valued By Employers Hiring College Graduates

By Nicole Gennarelli

Recently, the 2013 Job Outlook survey of employers by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) was released and communication skills and majors were ranked highly by employers.

jeffchild_2“The survey of employers by the NACE demonstrates the centrality and importance of communication skills and training to be effective in the workforce today,” said School of Communication Studies Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator Jeffrey Child. “Communication is in the top five degrees overall that employers are most interested in among any college graduate today and effective verbal communication skill ranks at the very top of qualities that a range of employers seek out.  Communication skills and training ranked higher in importance among employers than any other technical skill that students might pick up at college.  Majors from the School of Communication Studies are well poised for success in the professional world and have a skill set that is in demand among employers today.”

According to the survey:

  • Communication is in the top 5 degrees in demand by employers according to the Job Outlook 2013 survey from the NACE.
  • Communication studies is the top type of communication degree in demand by employers.
  • Seventy-four percent of employers said they seek written communication skills and 67 percent reported seeking verbal communication skills as the top attributes on a candidate’s resume.
  • NACE reported that the ideal candidate is a good communicator who can make decisions and solve problems while working effectively in a team.
  • On average, employers rated communication skills between very and extremely important.
  • Problem-solving skills, written communication skills and teamwork are also highly sought after.
  • The top communication degrees in demand are: Communication, public relations, advertising.
  • NACE reported that employers rate the ability to verbally communicate with people inside and outside the organization as the highest quality in a candidate.

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