Making the Most of Your DKS Experience

By Erica Batyko

Destination Kent State, the university’s overnight orientation program, is the beginning of the college experience for incoming Kent State students. The day and a half program allows students to meet with their academic advisors, connect with new students, and learn about various campus offices.

Students are often nervous about what to expect at Destination Kent State. It’s often their first time spending the night in a residence hall and their first time meeting their future classmates. Students who just completed the DKS program gave these tips for making the most of your DKS experience.

Students at the DKS CCI Pillars Information Session.

1. Don’t be nervous.

DKS is a lot of fun, and everyone is happy that you’re here. You’ll meet some great people and learn about the campus. Don’t be nervous about meeting other students; they’re new just like you.

2. Don’t be shy.

DKS is the perfect time to meet new friends. Everyone is looking to make new college friends. Be social. A lot of people even meet their roommate at DKS. Get to know as many people as possible. The people you meet really help make your DKS experience great.

3. Bring a positive attitude.

If you think positively while at DKS, you’ll have much more fun. Being positive not only makes your experience better, it also makes a better experience for the people you meet. Get excited about DKS; it’s your first taste of college!

4. Ask questions.

Now is the time to have all of your questions answered. Everyone is here to help you. You can ask advisors about your classes and scheduling. You can ask faculty members about activities and resources on campus. And you get a lot of opportunities to talk to current KSU students. Ask them about college life and how they transitioned from high school to college. The students and staff are here to answer all your questions, so go ahead and ask!

Students and parents at the DKS CCI Pillars Information Session.
Students and parents at the DKS CCI Pillars Information Session.

5. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

DKS is your first chance to hangout with other new students and stay overnight in the residence halls. Students tend to stay up late talking at DKS, so make sure you get a lot of sleep before you come. You need your energy in the morning.

6. Things to bring

A couple things students wish they had brought to DKS are a fan and an umbrella. The residence halls that you spend the night in are not air-conditioned. A fan will help to cool down your room. Bring an umbrella in case it rains. You do a lot of walking on campus, so you’ll want to stay dry.

7. After DKS

After DKS a lot of students like to stay connected with the people they met. Make sure to swap phone numbers, emails or social media accounts with the people you meet so you can keep talking over the summer.

Another thing students like to do after DKS is walk their schedules. At DKS, you meet with an advisor and schedule all of your classes for the fall semester. While you’re still on campus, some students find it helpful to walk to all of their classes to get a better idea of where they are.
All of these things will help you to get the most out of your DKS experience. The students who come through DKS really have a wonderful time. The students who gave these tips said they wished they could do it again. Remember your experience is what you make it. Be excited! You’re now a Golden Flash!


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