Helpful Advice From Successful CCI Alumni

By Meghan Caprez

What does the TODAY Show, the Puerto Rico Track and Field Olympics trials, an international entertainment show, the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video, and People Magazine all have in common? They’re all connected to CCI alumni, and those alumni want to offer CCI students advice.

Here’s what they have to say:

  • Mike Polk Jr. ’01, Web advertiser and Cleveland comedian
    “Learn about people and about self reliance. Learn different perspectives. That’s the important stuff. Since I have graduated, I have used the life lessons that I learned at Kent every day of my life, but I’ve yet to be asked by anyone what the Seven Ideas That Shook The Universe are.”

    Mike Polk Jr.
    Mike Polk Jr.
  •  Kyle Miller ’09, TODAY Show video producer and reporter
    “If you’re working hard towards something, you have a positive attitude about it, and you’re willing to do whatever anyone asks you to do at work, you’re going to get your breakthrough. Things are going to work out for you. People really do recognize hard work and they reward you for that. So go conquer the world, Kent State.”

    Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller
  •  Brittni Borrero ’12, Gelia PR account coordinator and Puerto Rico discus Olympic hopeful
    “Take time to do the things you like to do. Employers are interested in your personal life. Use that to help you stand out.”

    Brittni Borrero
    Brittni Borrero
  • Shannon LaNier ’03, Arise Entertainment 360 host
    “Get exposure to every single opportunity the school has to offer. Students aren’t really aware of all the opportunities and advantages that exist for them. Talk to people. Ask people for help. Don’t be so big-headed and confident in yourself that you miss opportunities.”

    Shanna LaNier
    Shannon LaNier
  •  Alisha Williams ’09, People Magazine designer
    “It’s never too early to apply for internships. Even if they don’t count, do them because that’s what employers are looking for: the experience. When you’re making those connections, that’s how I got the job I have now. Don’t be afraid to apply for the big things. The dream job can be attainable.”

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