Why CCI?

By Alyssa Mazey

In February of 2010, I had made my final college decision. I was going to Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania as a Bio-Chemistry/Pre-Pharmacy major. I absolutely loved chemistry and was excited about the accelerated program the university offered. In five years I would be a pharmacist, and I was determined to accomplish my goal.

Fast-forward to four years later, and I am pleased to say that I will not be graduating with a degree in pharmaceutical medicine next year.

So, what happened? Why did my dream change?
The answer is simple. I am not meant to sit in a lab all day, mixing chemicals and praying that the solution does not blow up or catch on fire.

After deciding pharmaceutical medicine was not for me, I felt lost. After figuring out what I was not meant to do, I was a bit concerned. I transferred to Kent State University with high hopes that this large university with more than 200 majors and minors would have something for me.  I knew my interests and what I liked to do in my free time, but how could I possibly make a career out of things I enjoyed doing? To be honest, I was not even sure if I could consider anything else.

That is when I got a bright idea. I would much rather sell the medicine than make it.

So that leads me to my decision. Why did I pick CCI?

Communication is everywhere. Whether it is communicating with a parent, sibling, roommate, significant other, or boss, everyone has his or her own style of communication.  This is fascinating to me. It is fun to learn about effective communication and why people respond well to some styles and not well to others. Everyone is unique, and what works for some people is not always going to work for others. It is important to know this and be able to understand how to communicate with different people.

What to do with my degree?

Upon graduation from Kent State University, I have many goals. I would love to make a career out of something that I am passionate about—a college education. Every university has something special about it; something to make students want to be there. I would love to take that special something and turn it into more than just a college education; I want to turn it into an experience. As nice as Slippery Rock was, there was something about it that did not make me go back. Maybe it was because I did not get involved on campus my freshmen year, or maybe it was because I was meant to be somewhere else. Whatever the reason may be, I am glad it happened. I have never been so happy to be a part of such an amazing college with opportunities for growth and success all around me. Kent State University is more than just a place I am getting an education. It has that something special, that experience that I want to allow other students to have. I have felt comfortable at Kent State since I received my first brochure in the mail, saw the first banner on my tour, and bought my first Kent State sweatshirt. The university is amazing and has inspired me to make students feel about their university the way I feel about mine.


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