And TeleProductions is Off to the Super Bowl!

TeleProductions’ staff and student workers set out on their trip to the Super Bowl today!

TeleProductions on the road bright & early!
TeleProductions on the road to the Super Bowl bright & early!


Below are bios of the students accompanying TeleProductions on this trip:

Dan LeBeau – I am an alumnus of Kent State University (2013). I have worked with the Teleproductions department for the past five years, first as a student employee and now from time to time as a freelance employee. Teleproductions has done so much for me — it’s opened a lot of doors and provided me with a lot of amazing experiences, including allowing me to work at the Super Bowl — twice! It’s an absolute pleasure to continue working with the staff and student employees of Teleproductions. Kent State University and Teleproductions will always mean a lot to me, and I’m incredibly grateful that they have provided me with yet another amazing opportunity to work at the highest levels in my industry alongside a team of talented and dedicated KSU students and staff.

Chris Nyman – My name is Chris Nyman, and I am a senior here at Kent State University. For the past three and a half years I have been working at Teleproductions, and given the opportunity to be a camera operator for TV2, The CW, and ESPN3. This past year I have become one of the veteran student employees, and with that I have to pass my knowledge to the younger students coming into Teleproductions, like Ryan Luli, Katie Dillon, and Dan LeBeau did for me. This year I have been given the opportunity to go to Super Bowl XLVIII and work with Teleproductions. As a student this is an unbelievable experience, and professionally it will stand out on my résumé. I’m looking forward to having one of the most eventful weekends of my life in New York City working Super Bowl XLVIII. Maybe in a few years I will be there working The Super Bowl for one of the major sports networks thanks to the experience I have gained at Teleproductions.

Michael Donelan – I am a sophomore at Kent State majoring in Electronic Media Production with a minor in Sports Administration. I’m a graphics assistant at TeleProductions producing video board content for Kent State Athletics. I’m also a production assistant working on crews for in house video board productions, television sports productions on the TeleProductions production truck, and crew various other productions. The opportunity to go to the Super Bowl will impact me as a student because I will gain real world experience that is impossible to replicate in a classroom setting. After a strong head start in high school, TeleProductions has allowed me to grow as a student without restricting me due to age. I think my experiences at TeleProductions are great examples of their dedication to students’ education. The experience will also help me because working with industry professionals creates a strong network of contacts. While working on various productions along side industry freelancers I have developed a greater sense of professionalism, which becomes more important on large-scale productions such as the Super Bowl. I hope to gain a better understanding of high profile events and the process behind the production of the biggest game of the year.

* All photos posted on WhyCCIKent’s blog & Facebook page are part of a Super Bowl contest. Comment on the post or on the photo on CCI’s Facebook page to be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift card! A winner will be chosen at the end of the weekend.


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