Spring CCI Florence Students Create Documentaries

CCI students studying abroad in Florence can choose to take a course called “Practicum in European Media” taught by Tommaso Bernabei. In this course, students work in teams to create short documentary films about a chosen topic. They write, produce, film and edit the documentary on their own, using their collaborative skills — as well as those of professors and other students — to create the finished product. This past spring, eleven CCI students took the course and created a total of four documentaries. Check out three of the documentaries by clicking the links below to see what our awesome CCI students created in Florence this past spring!

Congratulations to Alicia Balog, Abby Bradford, Kelsey Fischer, Alyssa Flynn, Brianna Hedley, Anna Hoffman, Aislinn Janek, Andres Kishimoto, Kaitlynn LeBeau, Alex Speidel and Terell Wilson on jobs well done!

Spring 2014 Documentaries:
Culturally Speaking

Memory Triggers
Personal Baggage


Spring 2014 Practicum students


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