VCD Hosts Third Annual “Inspire Creative Camp”

Last week, the School of Visual Communication Design hosted its third annual “Inspire Summer Creative Camp.” This camp is a week-long program for high school students who are interested in design, photography, illustration and creative thinking. The studInspireents work closely with each other, as well as Kent State University VCD faculty and current students to learn about design principles and put them into practice through several projects.  The students learned about guerrilla advertising, photography, branding and communication, among other facets of design. The camp was held in the VCD spaces in the Art Building and MACC Annex, allowing the students to get a real feel of what classes in Kent State’s VCD program would be like.unnamed (2) This year’s camp brought in about 20 students from across the country. One student, Lindsey Reynolds, came from San Antonio, Texas.She heard about the camp through her mother, who is an alumna of Kent State University. Other students, such as Alex Griffin of Toledo, Ohio chose to come to the camp because they will be an incoming freshman in the VCD program this fall and wanted to get a jumpstart in design. The students left camp with new knowledge of graphic design and an enhanced portfolio for college admissions.

For more information about the camp and to see additional photos, go to or

inspire 2


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