Kent State University Independent Films Produces Feature-Length Rom-Com

KSUIF Boom Micby Elline Concepcion

Kent State University Independent Films (KSUIF) is currently filming its fourth feature-length film – a romantic comedy called “Unlucky” – throughout Northeast Ohio, bringing student talent to the big screen.

A student organization at Kent State University, KSUIF creates professional video projects ranging from web series to music videos to feature-length films. Kent State University is one of three universities in the U.S. that allows students the opportunity to create feature-length films, said Ashley Newton, “Unlucky” associate producer and senior electronic media production major.

KSUIF Quiet“Unlucky,” set to premiere in the spring of 2016, tells the story of an ill-fated college student who meets the girl of his dreams but is quickly separated from her. The main character, Sam, tries to find her again but not without facing a series of “unlucky” moments.

“At its core, ‘Unlucky’ is a comedy, but it is so much more than that,” President of KSUIF and Director for “Unlucky” Buddy Candela said. “It’s a romance movie, [it’s] an adventure/roadtrip sort of movie, it’s an espionage movie, it’s part horror movie, it’s basically every epic story rolled into one.”

Newton said it’s a laugh-out-loud kind of comedy that “truly resonates with our generation.”

KSUIF Outside FilmingThe KSUIF production team – which includes students in the Feature Film Production course offered through the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, students completing internships and volunteers –  started filming “Unlucky” June 8. The cast and crew has been filming, editing and planning almost every day since, working anywhere between six to 14 hours a day.

“As filmmakers, this is the best experience we could have gotten from any college,” “Unlucky” Director and senior electronic media major Keegan Larwin said.

Traci E. Williams, associate lecturer in the School of Journalism and Mass KSUIF Green Screen FilmingCommunication, Feature Film Production instructor, KSUIF faculty advisor and “Unlucky” executive producer, tells her students they are not being trained for a short project or a short film; she tries to create a real experience and teach students the stamina and professionalism that is required when producing a film.

“When I wake up, I can’t tell you what I will be doing that day, but I know I will be busy,”  “Unlucky” Associate Producer and senior electronic media major Ashley Johnson said.

Newton said all students interested in getting involved in KSUIF, whether it’s for a short-term project or for a long-term board member position, are

KSUIF Unlucky Sam


“If you want to get involved, just reach out to the organization or contact us through social media, and we can almost always find something for someone to be involved in,” Newton said.

For more information about “Unlucky,” visit the film’s Facebook page at


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