Communication Studies major interns at entertainment powerhouse in New York City

Anna Hoffman VH1by Elline Concepcion

Senior communication studies major Anna Hoffman landed the kind of big-city internship students dream about: working in the Viacom offices in New York City.

Viacom is a New York-founded mass media company that handles television networks such as MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1 and more. At Viacom, Hoffman serves as a research intern with Comedy Central and VH1’s Strategic Insights and Research teams. Hoffman’s responsibilities include gathering data, whether it is received from focus groups, surveys or other methods, to provide “a better picture of what’s going on under the surface.”

“My internship focuses mostly on the consumer insights side of research, which is all about knowing who your audience is and how your content and your brand fits into their lives,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman said her Kent State University College of Communication and Information (CCI) education has prepared her with the necessary skills for her role at Viacom.

“Many aspects of my education in CCI – gathering information, using data to tell stories, knowing your audience before communicating with them – have been part of my classes since day one, so all of these skills that are absolutely essential for this job almost feel like second nature,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman’s day-to-day activities vary from researching Millennials and news consumption to the late-night talk show landscape and what consumers are watching.

At her internship, Hoffman is also gathering knowledge and information necessary for her honors thesis in communication studies, focusing on journalism and political satire.

“‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’ are what inspired a lot of my research, so being in the place where it all started is an awesome experience,” Hoffman said.

“I always thought the saying ‘You’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love,’ was a complete and absolute nonsense until I experienced it here everyday I walk in the doors,” Hoffman says. “It is literally my job to watch and research some of the greatest shows on television. How cool is that?”


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