CCI on Homecoming Court: Amanda Bevington

The College of Communication and Information is honored to have four CCI students on this year’s Homecoming Court: Amanda Bevington, Lauren Buchanan, Zachary Downes, and Hannah Firsdon. We will be featuring their blog posts this week about what being involved in CCI means to them and what they are most looking forward to during Homecoming weekend.

To learn more about the full Homecoming Court and Homecoming Court voting, click here. To learn about the Homecoming events going on this weekend, click here.

This guest blog is written by Amanda Bevington:

Photo by the Kent State University Alumni Association.

Majoring in Communication Studies and being involved within CCI has truly made me feel like I belong here at Kent State! I switched into CCI after two years and I remember five minutes into my first class I said to myself “I have found the right place; this is where I should be!” The Communication Studies major has allowed me to take what I learn in the classroom and apply it to my involvements outside of the classroom, and seeing it all come full circle is the greatest feeling. The perfect fit academically and socially has truly allowed my connection to campus grow!

It is extremely important to be involved on campus because it gives your time at Kent State a purpose on campus other than just attending class. I believe involvements are what shape you and help you grow as a student and leader during college, allowing your experience here to hold greater significance! Leaving your mark through your involvements is something that creates a well-rounded Kent State journey. I know for me that if I was not involved on campus I would have never found what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, so it was definitely the best decision I have ever made!

My favorite Kent State Homecoming tradition is Kiss on the K! I love seeing current students, alumni, faculty and staff come together for what I believe to be the cutest moment. Everyone gathers in Risman Plaza and when told they run to the “K” for their kiss with their significant other. They even showcase couples whose journey started here at Kent State. I think the moment is one of pure joy and I love seeing the Kent State family come together to celebrate their time here together!


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