CCI on Homecoming Court: Lauren Buchanan

The College of Communication and Information is honored to have four CCI students on this year’s Homecoming Court: Amanda Bevington, Lauren Buchanan, Zachary Downes, and Hannah Firsdon. We will be featuring their blog posts this week about what being involved in CCI means to them and what they are most looking forward to during Homecoming weekend.

To learn more about the full Homecoming Court and Homecoming Court voting, click here. To learn about the Homecoming events going on this weekend, click here.

This guest blog is written by Lauren Buchanan:

Homecoming court: It’s full of the most involved people Kent State cooked up, and it’s an exciting thing to be one of them. The “court experience” is more than a sash and a little extra spirit, though. For me, it’s been a time to reflect on my journey up to this point as a Golden Flash. 

      I think it’s important to get involved on campus because it transforms you into the best version of yourself. Dedicating the time to something bigger than yourself will give you a worthwhile college experience. All of my KSU experiences have molded me to be more independent, strong, happy and hardworking.

      My most rewarding time at KSU was becoming a student leader in so many different capacities. I served others a senator on Undergraduate Student Government. I made Olson Hall feel like home for 40 young women as their RA. I reassured that I was in the right major as TV2’s managing editor. Those experiences weren’t always easy or perfect by any stretch. I laughed. I cried. I thought about throwing my cell phone in the Cuyahoga River, withdrawing all of my money from the bank, and going on an adventure. More importantly? I grew. No matter what, I believe I was set up for the perfect future because of my experiences here.

       When I was a freshman in August 2012, I never imagined myself being who I am now. I am a Kent State success story. I am in my senior year, working full-time at a Cleveland television station, getting a head-start on graduate school, and wearing a homecoming court sash (all-time fave homecoming tradition is breakfast before the parade, by the way.) It’s a lot on my plate, but I’m hungry and quite frankly, it’s an honor. 

      My involvement in the College of Communication and Information has pushed me out of my comfort zone to meet people that are different than me and to take positive risks. I ended up meeting the love of my life, traveling the world, finding my best friends, and discovering the version of myself that I wanted to see since I was little. The experiences that no one else has are the experiences that give you a deeper connection to Kent State. 


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