CCI on Homecoming Court: Zachary Downes

The College of Communication and Information is honored to have four CCI students on this year’s Homecoming Court: Amanda Bevington, Lauren Buchanan, Zachary Downes, and Hannah Firsdon. We will be featuring their blog posts this week about what being involved in CCI means to them and what they are most looking forward to during Homecoming weekend.

To learn more about the full Homecoming Court and Homecoming Court voting, click here. To learn about the Homecoming events going on this weekend, click here.

This guest blog is written by Zachary Downes:

Kent State is my favorite place by far. I came here as a scared freshman and I found myself. This place is my true home. I graduate in the summer of 2016 and I do not want that day to come. If you have ever heard the phrase: “Home is where the heart is…” Well, my heart will always lie with Kent State. Being a Golden Flash and representing my university will be something I hold close and dear to my heart. Once you’re a flash, you’re a flash forever. I got involved on campus, met teachers who influence me as role models, and found Kent State traditions that warm my heart.

Getting involved on campus is really crucial throughout college. I highly recommend getting involved because you make connections with people who could be your bosses or coworkers. You also make the best people you’ll me in your life and I can attest to that. With my involvement on campus, I have had amazing opportunities that I wouldn’t have if I just sat at home eating Oreos and watching Netflix…Not that there isn’t anything wrong with that…Every student should try at least one organization to get involved because you may find something that you are seriously interested in or meet your future boss or even best man.

My involvement with CCI has given me a true connection to Kent State. I am involved with TV2, I was an FYE assistant for Marianne Warzinski and I also was a sophomore sensei for the CCI commons. All these opportunities I have had have truly influenced my life in a positive way. When I started college, I never thought I would be as involved as I am. With these opportunities, I have had the chance to produce newscasts, help freshman figure out what they want to do throughout college and meet some of the closest friends I have had thus far in life. The staff at the school of Visual Communication Design, Vince Giles specifically, and the staff at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication; John Butte, Gary Hanson, Mitch McKinney, LuEtt Hanson, Amy Wilkens and Sue Zake, have made my college experience truly amazing. These people helped me figure out that journalism was the career I wanted to pursue and they have been a fantastic support system for when I have questions or issues or even when I just need someone to talk to. They helped me feel at home on campus through encouraging me to change my major to journalism and giving me that confidence to stay involved and that I could actually do my best in whatever I do. My involvement with CCI has solidified the fact that I am truly at home at Kent State University.

I would have to say my favorite homecoming tradition would Kissing-On-The-K. Unfortunately, I have never participated in event because that requires you to have a significant other. However, its so amazing to see couples, who found their true love at Kent State, come back and fuel the legacy that was established in 1910. You see people from all generations, Alumni to prospective students, come out and celebrate. You get a feel for Kent State and how it influences peoples’ lives. That is by far my favorite tradition. To see that Kent State helped establish relationships that go farther than just friends seriously warms my heart.

I am so honored and humbled to be selected to be on Kent State’s Homecoming Court. As a freshman, I never thought I would be one of the 12 people selected from my class to represent Kent State throughout homecoming. Kent State literally is the best place in Ohio and in the nation. This campus and university had influenced me in ways I never thought possible.


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