10 Signs You’re A Kent State Communication Studies Major

by Amanda Azzarelli

1. All of your friends ask you to help them proofread papers and prepare for speeches.

Kermit Typing

As if you don’t have three speeches and six papers of your own due this week.

2. You’ve been assigned to “change the world” on more than one occasion.

Robin Williams Encouragement

But no pressure!

3. The weather is always a surprise when you leave class because of Taylor Hall’s lack of windows.

Mean Girls Raining

When did it rain?

4. You find yourself thinking about communication theories in the middle of everyday interactions.

ZEfron Serious Laugh

Admit it, social exchange theory made you analyze the cost and reward of every relationship you’ve ever had.

5. You thought you were good at grammar until you enrolled in Communication Grammar Review.

Series of an Unfortunate Events Grammar

Now you’re considering going back to second grade.

6. Although you’ve been taught how to write in APA style in every class, every semester, you somehow still don’t understand it.

Confused Ryan Gosling

How do you get a different header on the first page again?

7. You never have to worry about dinner on Wednesday nights.

That's So Raven Pizza

Shout out to Kent Communication Society for the free pizza!

8. After you tell people what your major is, you have to explain what it means.

Tina Fey Eye Roll

“But what can you do with a communication degree?”

9. You still really don’t know the answer to that question.

Good Luck Charlie Shrug

And you are dreading the day they ask you about it in a job interview.

10. Nonetheless, you love your classes, and you can’t wait to apply what you are learning to your future career.

Matt Bomer OK

If you ever do figure out what you can do with your degree

Gifs courtesy of giphy.com.


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