10 Signs You’re a Kent State Journalism and Mass Communication Major

by Elline Concepcion and Meghan Caprez

1. Poor grammar makes you cringe.
Friends Grammar

It’s YOU’RE not YOUR, you ignorant swine.

2. Almost every single class is demanding, and every professor thinks his or hers is the priority.
Harry Potter Priorities

I also have four other classes, a part-time job and two projects due for student media. Nice try.

3. You don’t get people who aren’t involved in student media or student organizations.
New Girl Judging You

Like, what do you do with your life?

4. It took you at least two years to figure out Franklin Hall has a fourth floor.
Wait What Gif

And some of you are still probably saying, “Wait, there’s a fourth floor?”

5. Internship envy is a real thing.
Internship Envy Gif

Admit it, you wanted that internship in New York, too.

6. You know exactly how long it will take you to get Starbucks between classes.
Kardashian Starbucks Gif

And you could probably walk there with your eyes closed, if we’re being honest.

7. Consuming media will never be the same.

There’s an AP style error! The audio in this shot was terrible! THAT’S the ad you chose to run during the Super Bowl?

8. You get really annoyed when people ask you if there are jobs available for people in your major.
Dobby Head Bang

Trust me, I have enough anxiety about it as it is.

9. While most KSU students think U of A is our biggest rival, JMC students know better.
Anything You Can Do Gif

*cough* Scripps *cough*

10. When you finally land the job of your dreams, you realize everything you’ve been through in JMC prepared you for it.
Miley Cyrus Thankful

Thank you, Franklin Hall!

Gifs courtesy of giphy.com and boymeetsworldreviewed.blogspot.com.


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