How Kent State CCI Students React to Midterms, Explained By Your Favorite 90s TV Shows

by Anna Hoffman and Elline Concepcion

When you realize your midterm is next week
Michelle Tanner Shocked Gif

I just handed in four briefs, two data projects and a multimedia piece! What do you mean there’s an in-class exam?!

When someone asks you if you’ve started studying
Clarissa Explains It All Gif

Does watching Olivia Pope solve the nation’s PR crises count as “studying”?

When your professor says it’s open book
Will and Carlton Dancing

Open book AND there’s a study guide? FINALLY, SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!

When your professor says the test is cumulative
Hey Arnold Yell Gif

Lookin’ at you, Professor Roberts. ❤

When you’re trying to get notes/tips from someone who has already taken the class
The Nanny Smirk

The most beautiful thing about the VCD sequence is that we all have to go through it, right?

When you’re running to your professor’s office hours
Scooby Doo Running Gif

So what do you think about the lighting in this shot? And the composition in this one? How about that one?

When the professor says the test isn’t that hard, and you’ll do just fine
Big Comfy Couch Liar Gif

Do you really think so?

When you’re cramming the night before
Cramming Knowledge Gif

So, it’s objectives, strategies, then tactics, right?

When your professor hands you the exam
Good Burger Words Gif

Wait a second – this wasn’t on the study guide!

When your professor tries to make you stay past class time
Rugrats Let Babies Go Gif

Listen, this has been fun and all, but the newscast is waiting for me!

When you get home from a presentation
Boy Meets World No Pants Gif

I got dressed to the nines for this Intro to Human Comm speech, but ten seconds after getting home I’m in sweats.

When you finally build up the courage to check your grade on Blackboard
Saved By The Bell Pat On Back Gif

I’d like to thank the academy, my mom, my dog and of course, all of the CCI professors who made me the genius I am today!


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