10 Signs You’re a Kent State Visual Communication Design Major

by Amanda Azzarelli

1. You experienced a new level of stress when you were asked to draw a perfect rectangle freshman year.
Spongebob Drawing Gif

And that stress never went away.

2. Seeing a nice typeface makes you feel more excited than it should.
Steve Harvey Excited Gif

Check out the serif on that one!

3. You spend more money at All Media and FedEx than you do on food.
Money Gif

“Starving artist” is an understatement.

4. Your hands are constantly stained from Sumi Ink.
OITNB Hand Swipe Gif

And it isn’t coming off no matter how many times you wash them.

5. All-nighters have become a lifestyle.
Gilmore Girls Coffee Gif

Sleep is for the weak!

6. The bag you carry around campus is almost as large as you and twice your body weight.
Large Backpack Fall Gif

Hopefully your degree will lead to a career that can pay the medical bills for your back issues.

7. Your Exacto knife is your best friend, until it becomes your worst enemy.
Knife Throwing Gif

They say the ones we love hurt us the most…

8. Critiques make you question not only your project, but also your life choices.
Tyra Rant Gif

But at the same time, you thrive off of critiques and can never get enough of them.

9. You’ve come to terms with the fact that nobody will ever understand what VCD stands for.
Austin Powers Quotes Gif

Yeah, sure, it’s “graphic design.”

10. In the end, you have some pretty awesome projects to show for all of your hard work, and that makes it all worth it!
Mad Men Thumbs Up Gif

As long as you don’t sustain too many Exacto knife injuries.

Contributions by VCD students Maria Cardillo, Gina Leone, and Alli Petit

Gifs courtesy of giphy.com and imagur.com


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