Comm Student Hits Home Run with Summer Internship

by Erica Batyko

Kyle VertochStudents in the College of Communication and Information know how to make an impact at their internships by working hard and thinking outside the box. Kyle Vertoch, a senior applied communication major in the School of Communication Studies, did just that while interning for the Akron Racers where he quickly became known as the “everywhere intern.”

Vertoch earned the nickname because he went everywhere and did everything: press releases, social media, video editing and producing, on-camera interviewing and in-game hosting. He even encouraged his boss to start using Periscope to engage fans.

“She was thrilled with the idea of broadcasting the games to gain more publicity,” Vertoch said. “It really showed how open the organization was to new ideas, even from its interns.”

One of his favorite parts of his internship was getting the opportunity to interview Bernie Kosar. Kosar is a legend in Cleveland Browns history and the favorite player of Vertoch’s dad. At the time Vertoch found out he would be meeting Kosar, his father was in the hospital.

“When I found out I was going to interview him, I immediately called my dad and started to cry,” Vertoch said. “It just meant the world to me.”

To Vertoch, the internship was more than just work. It was the opportunity to build relationships with the organization, his coworkers and the players.

“I wasn’t just an intern; I was part of the Racer’s family,” he said.

His advice to students who plan to do an internship is to not be afraid of anything that is presented to you.

“The moment I was offered the job to do the in-game announcing for one of the games, I was more scared than someone watching a scary movie,” Vertoch said. “I was thinking of anything, anyway, I could get out of the situation. But I mustered up the courage to announce the game and have some fun. And it turned out really well.”

Vertoch found out about the internship with the Akron Racers at the Career Fair hosted by Kent State’s Career Services.


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