CCI Commons Celebrates Sophomore Appreciation Week

IMG_5679In celebration of Kent State University’s Sophomore Appreciation week, the CCI Commons invited College of Communication and Information sophomore students to lunch with Dean Amy Reynolds, Assistant Dean Matt Rollyson and USG Student Senator Reggie Jones. The lunch offered an opportunity to talk, between bites of pizza, about the demands of being a second year student and how to maintain focus moving into the final two years of their undergraduate education.

Sophomores not only discussed concerns ranging from affording tuition payments to balancing an increased workload with Reynolds, Rollyson and Jones but also expressed appreciation for CCI faculty who they regarded as very responsive and helpful both in and out of class.

Reynolds mentioned she was very pleased to hear CCI faculty are listening and engaging with their students, and Jones offered students advice on how to earn a few extra bucks on campus.

Moving forward, Reynolds, Rollyson and Jones said they hope to continue discussion as a IMG_5672means to find new and alternative ways to find solutions to students’ challenges such as potentially creating a centralized hub for on-campus jobs and leadership roles within the college and the field.

For more information about the CCI Commons, visit and like it on Facebook for the latest events and photos.


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