14 Things You’d See in Franklin Hall, But Nowhere Else

By Sarah Matthews

1. Signs in every restroom stall telling you not to flush hopes and dreams down the toilet. #motivations


2. A classroom that resembles a giant fish bowl (you all know the one).

3. A full-functioning, converged media newsroom filled with students frantically finishing their stories before deadline.

4. College students actually reading physical copies of newspapers.


5. A statue with the first amendment detailed on it (okay, technically it’s outside the building, but hey close enough).

6. Students inside DJ booths for Black Squirrel Radio most hours of the day.

7. The cold metal benches of death on the first floor.

8. Students who are actually so excited to learn about ethics they attend an annual conference about it every year.


9. A room solely dedicated to focus groups, which most JMC students have been on both sides of (aka focus group karma).

10. Tons of cords and camera equipment everywhere.

11. An over abundance of Starbucks cups in every trash can.


12. Instead of students holding textbooks, students holding AP Stylebooks.

13. Random pairs of high heels and men’s suit jackets on hand for TV2 broadcasts.

14. Professors who care about making a difference in student’s lives, both academically and personally.


Gifs courtesy of giphy.com



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