Digital media production in the air, on the ground

IMG_5730The CCI Commons welcomed Joe Murray, Journalism and Mass Communication associate professor, to talk with students about how they can use the skills they learn in the College of Communication and Information as a ticket to get around the world.

Murray shared his most recent venture, which took him around the state in a vintage airplane – stopping in every one of Ohio’s 88 counties for a peculiar record and plenty of content for his new book “Lost in Oscar Hotel.” The book showcases photos shot by CCI students who met Murray along the way.

During his talk, he encouraged students to get involved in professor’s work whenever they can and to not be afraid to use their student status their advantage.

“Being a student, you are surrounded by resources,” Murray said. “Faculty members are experts in their particular field, and you should ask them questions whenever you possibly can. It’s something I wish I would’ve done when I was a student.”

He went on to talk about trips to the Middle East, Cuba and Antarctica, where he worked as a photographer, videographer, producer and director and produced work that aired on PBS and won him Emmy awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences-Cleveland.IMG_5738

“You’re learning the skills now that got me across the world,” Murray said. “Use those. Be curious, genuine and authentic, and by all means, get yourself a passport.”

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