Bateman Gold Team Helps Student Veterans Club Partner with Student Veterans of America

IMG_0625Kent State’s Bateman Gold team, Lauren Biertempfel, Kate Schwanke, Zabrina Hvostal, Maggie Wachtel and Haley Keding, has been working hard this school year creating a campaign for the national client: Student Veterans of America. The team conducted extensive research and decided to center the campaign around the needs of the Kent State Veterans Club on campus. With the help of Bateman Gold, the club is now partnered with SVA, which will give student veterans opportunities to attend conferences and receive scholarships and grants. Bateman Gold is continuing its campaign by assisting the Veterans Club in raising awareness of both the club and new SVA benefits. The team is looking forward to creating a lasting impact on the Kent State Veterans Club. Go #BatemanGold!

The Kent State Veterans Club has officially partnered with Student Veterans of America, a non-profit organization that assists student veterans with transitioning into the college environment.

The Veterans Club applied for membership and became an official chapter on February 18, 2016. By partnering with the SVA, club members will gain access to a vast amount of resources including scholarships, SVA chapter grants and employment opportunities.

Kent State Veterans Club President Ryan Lewand is excited for the opportunities that the affiliation will bring to the club.

“The SVA will offer opportunities to student veterans that the Veterans Club previously could not,” said Lewand. “The access to additional scholarship opportunities and leadership summits will be a great advantage to our members and can help us advance and learn more valuable skills past college.”

Student Veterans of America was founded in 2008 as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization with the idea of helping student veterans overcome the obstacles they may face while obtaining a college degree. According to the SVA website, its mission is “to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.” The organization prides itself as being the “boots on the ground” that help student veterans in their higher education career.

The Kent State Veterans Club was established at Kent State University in 1944 and serves as a social organization with the mission of helping student veterans transition from service to civilian life on a college campus. The organization is also open to students who are curious about military life or want to assist veterans with community service initiatives.


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