Faculty Members Discuss Student Involvement at CCI Commons

12764443_1692241764377783_2745208062866681828_oThe CCI Commons welcomed six faculty members from the College of Communication and Information to Olson Hall Wednesday, March 2, for a lunch and discussion about what’s coming up in the college and how students can get involved.

Faculty members – Paul Haridakis (COMM), John Butte (JMC), Candace Bowen (JMC), Dave Foster (JMC), Jeff Fruit (SLIS) and Jaime Kennedy (VCD) – represented each of the college’s four schools and spoke to students about how they can get involved.

Haridakis highlighted a special topics course titled “Communication and Terrorism,” which discusses terrorism in the context of media coverage and communication theory. The class will be offered at the undergraduate level in Fall 2016.

But for those looking to get involved sooner rather than later, Kennedy mentioned VCD lectures are offered throughout the semester as an opportunity for students to hear from professionals in the field. These lectures are open to students in any discipline.

Additionally, students may also find a place for themselves as a volunteer for the Ohio Scholastic Media Association convention in early April. Bowen is seeking helpful, enthusiastic students to assist. More information on OSMA can be found here: osmaonline.com.

CCI Commons hosts faculty multiple times throughout the semester to give underclassmen an opportunity to connect with faculty outside the classroom, generating confidence in seeking help from professors when necessary and developing an ongoing professional network.

For more information on the events the CCI Commons hosts, visit www.kent.edu/ccicommons or follow via Facebook.


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