Bateman Blue Team Starts Supporters of Student Veterans Movement, Seeks Pledges


Hi there! This is Taylor from The Bateman Blue Team.

This semester the Public Relations Student Society of America Bateman Case Study Competition’s client is Student Veterans of America (SVA). SVA is a national organization aimed to help returning veterans through providing on- and off-campus resources, scholarships and networking opportunities with alumni. The ultimate goal for this year’s Bateman competition is to raise awareness about student veterans and SVA as a whole.

The Bateman Blue Team has decided to take this goal and create the organization Supporters of Student Veterans of America (SSVA). The idea for SSVA arose after wanting to better educate anyone who considers him or herself a supporter of student veterans. My team and I found that just about anyone would consider him or herself a supporter, but if a problem arose, we were unsure if they would know of specific resources available to student veterans (such as psychological services or where to go for information regarding GI Bill benefits). Through the use of campaign videos, website information, promotional events and social media, we feel that supporters will be more aware of resources and feel more confident in helping student veterans with a number of situations they may face.

12733625_959291634163338_7277424628612930639_nAfter viewing the videos and other information on our website, we ask supporters to take the pledge. By taking the pledge, supporters agree to promote SVA and its resources, acquire basic knowledge of benefits of the GI Bill and understand other resources that may help in student veterans’ transition to college. The idea behind SSVA is to create a movement to give student veterans the support they deserve when returning to civilian life.

SSVA is dedicated to Bradley “Sonny” Sonenstein, a student veteran who took his own life due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Because of the selfless and carefree spirit Sonenstein had, we felt it was necessary to name a budding movement targeted at student veterans and their supporters after him. Although our team did not want to focus on PTSD – even though many people associate PTSD with veterans – we felt it was necessary to address this concern along with other issues student veterans may face on our website and throughout our campaign.

We ask anyone interested to follow our Twitter and Instagram and to like our Facebook page for updates and information about SSVA. By signing the pledge and promoting our campaign, College of Communication and Information students, faculty and staff can help The Bateman Blue Team be recognized at a national level in the Public Relations Student Society of America. We encourage those interested in our movement to share and spread the word about SSVA in hopes to provide an easier transition for those who have fought for our country.


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