Why I’m Excited for YouToo: Hana Barkowitz

12688152_10204380773994505_6632885204017613936_nAs a public relations major and political science minor, it’s important that I learn how to market a political candidate or political idea. One potential career that interests me greatly is lobbying, which is convincing people who can make changes why something is important. Essentially, it is marketing an idea to influencers, and social media is an effective tool in reaching that goal. That’s why I’m very excited for the “Social Media Meets Marketing – What PR Pros Need to Know” portion of the YouToo Conference.

I’m especially excited to hear from a panel of speakers, as opposed to a single speaker, so I can receive a variety of opinions and suggestions on this topic. The panelists, Jennifer Ristic from Point to Point, Michael Schwabe from Pierry Software, and fellow PRKent student Marcus Donaldson, will each bring a different perspective to the table.

While I consider myself proficient in social media, I’m aware that I need to strengthen my skills in order to be a successful PR professional. I am constantly trying to increase my knowledge and experience in public relations, especially as a college student, and I need professional advice on how to successfully execute marketing initiatives through social media.

I was originally a marketing minor, but eventually I decided to switch to political science. Hopefully, this will be a sort of “crash course” in some of what I would have learned as a marketing minor.

I’ve never been to YouToo before, so I’m really curious and excited to experience every aspect of it. Networking is so important, and there is no better way to network than when you are surrounded with like-minded, career-oriented people and professionals.


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