Why I’m Excited for YouToo: Maggie Wachtel

MaggieAdam Earnheardt, Ph.D., one of the speakers at this year’s YouToo Social Media Conference, is leading a student-only session entitled “TMW You Realize Social Media Is Part of Your Job.” He is chair and associate professor of communication studies in the Department of Communication at Youngstown State University and is a social media researcher, educator, critic, and enthusiast.

Earnheardt studies the connection between social media and sports fandom, which I am very interested to hear about. One of his studies looked at how sports fans are connecting with each other on social media, as well as how fans connect with their favorite players or athletes.

As a sports fan myself, I am looking forward to hearing him speak about the social media relationship between players and fans. I have always found the relationship fans form when following their favorite players and athletes on social media to be fascinating. I also believe it to be a mutually beneficial relationship; the athletes get to connect with their fans and build their brand and fan-base while the fans receive access to their idol’s every move and, in turn, feel like they know and have a connection with them.

I think Adam Earnheardt’s session will be very interesting, and it will teach students the psychology behind sports fans and social media.


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