Why I’m Excited for YouToo: Morgan Barba

MorganWhat excites me most about 2016 YouToo? Hmm…

After checking out this year’s conference schedule, I was immediately halted at the first feature on the list. Something that seems hearty and wholesome, with the ability to nourish an entire auditorium. Yes, there’s something almost… continental about it.


Just kidding. YouToo 2016 has much more to offer than free bagels and coffee. What I’m really looking forward to comes just after breakfast but looks equally as flavorful.

I’m talking about the opening keynote with Kyle Michael Miller. Miller’s 8:45 a.m. presentation is about how the TODAY Show’s involvement in the digital space led it to be the number one morning show on social media.

Something I’ve always struggled with as a visual communication design major/pretend-Journalism-and-Mass-Communication major is how to make anything on social stand out from the clutter, especially in the pile of Twitter-litter we live in. I’m looking forward to hearing how I can help clean up that mess and learning how TODAY already has.

Just as the most important meal of the day to consume is breakfast, the most important social media we digest must have substance. So Friday, I won’t only be waking up for the bagels and O.J. – I’m already hungry for Miller’s lecture.


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