10 Weird AP Style Rules You Never Knew

by Gabrielle Woodard

1. OK


“OK” is OK, but not “okay.” OK?

2. Champagne


“Champagne” can only be called “Champagne” (capitalized) if it is from the Champagne region of France. If it isn’t, you must call it “sparkling wine.”

3. Wal-mart/Walmart



While this isn’t addressed by the AP Stylebook, the use of “Wal-mart” or “Walmart” is one of the top questions on the APstylebook.com’s Ask the Editor section. Walmart doesn’t even use its own name consistently.

4. Jegging



It is okay to use the term jegging for the hybrid of jeans and leggings, but it isn’t okay to use the term jorts for jean shorts.

5. Internet


“Internet” will no longer be capitalized, effective June 1. Welcome to the 21st century, AP.

6. Yahoo! Or Yum! Brands


According the the AP Stylebooks’ Twitter account @APStylebook, punctuation is not to be used in company names.

7. Icing/Frosting


“Use ‘icing’ to describe sugar decorations applied to cookies; ‘frosting’ for cupcakes and cakes,” according to @APStylebook.

8. Lycra


Lycra is a trademarked term for a fiber or fabric. If not specifically speaking about Lycra, use a generic term like spandex, elastic or stretch fabric.

9. Whiskey/Whisky


Whiskey loses an E when it’s made in Scotland. Use “whisky” only in conjunction with Scotch whisky or Canadian whisky, according to @APStylebook.

10. Girl


Girl is only applicable until the subject’s 18th birthday. Use woman or young woman afterward.


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