Seven Things You’ll Love/Hate About Living In The Nation’s Capital

by Elline Concepcion

NOTE: Elline is a senior advertising major taking part in Kent State’s WPNI program. She is living in Washington, D.C., for a semester and is a communications intern at the Association of American Railroads.

The Metro. At first you’re like, “Woah, this is going to be so cool! I’m like a real working professional riding to the city!”


And then you’re like, “Ugh, if this metro stops one more time before getting to my platform, I’m going to have a 2007 Britney Spears moment.”

Receptions. Free food and drinks are all any broke college student truly wants when they are living in one of the most expensive cities in the country.


But don’t forget the (sometimes) forced awkward conversations, clammy handshakes and attempts to balance your food and drink while doing these. Yaaay!

Roomates. You’ll have built-in friends to explore the city with and share your deepest thoughts during late-night rants.


Sometimes you just need some space and privacy after long days at your unpaid internship.

The Political Bubble. You’ll hear all the political news first and always be in the know. And what better place to be when there is a presidential election?


Sometimes you just want to have a ‘normal’ conversation that won’t break out into debate.

Fashion. It’s business casual all the time, and you’ll walk around the city feeling like you can accomplish anything. Plus, you never know who you’ll be meeting, so it’s best to always dress to impress.


D.C. is the ultimate land of professional attire and neutrals, so you’re constantly wearing variations of the same outfit.

Impressive Work Places. You’ll befriend people that work at Quantico, the CIA, the Pentagon and the White House. How cool is that on your resume?


On the other hand, you’ll never really understand what it is that they do, and they’ll never really be able to explain it to you.


Monuments. Being surrounded by so much history and getting to see the monuments every day is truly breathtaking.


Sometimes you’re so busy in your day-to-day, you forget to take advantage of the sights.

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