My YouToo 2016 Recap: Hana Barkowitz

IMG_0171I had never been to the YouToo Social Media Conference before, and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited. Here was my chance to meet expert public relations and communications practitioners, so I had to look sharp. As it turns out, looking like you know what you’re doing is harder than it looks.

I arrived in the 6th outfit I tried on that morning. After settling into my seat, I felt the energy buzzing in the room. I noticed that when you put a bunch of PR-minded people into one room, the energy is through the roof. It was a good feeling.

The portion of the conference that stuck out the most to me was the “Keybank: Delivering a #KeyInsider Experience Via Social.” It was the first breakout. What stood out to me the most about this particular presentation was just how interested I became in a bank’s marketing strategy. I never thought a bank would peak my interest, but it did. I enjoyed how they used strategic partnerships and generated engagement through exclusive giveaways with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don’t understand sports, but I understand public relations and communication, so it gave me a newfound appreciation for working with athletic organizations to create buzz.

My second favorite part of the conference was Scott Monty’s keynote speech. His charisma attracted everyone’s attention, and there wasn’t a boring second of his speech. He had some great tips for communication and social media, drawing on his IMG_0118past experience at Ford, and he talked about how effective public relations and customer service are a joint deal; you can’t have one without the other.

Overall, my experience at YouToo was positive and memorable. I’m able to implement what I learned into my everyday life and into my PR state of mind. Since the conference, I’ve been bragging to my friends about how I met communication celebrities and how I’m so excited for the 10th YouToo. It’s bound to be amazing.


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