VCD Ambassador Expresses Love for Major, Passion for Creativity

EmilyThomas_headshot_bwby Morgan Barba

Emily Thomas, a visual communication design major, is a unique mix of ambitious, creative and professional.

A Delta, Ohio, native and star student in a tough major, Thomas became a CCI Ambassador in the fall of 2014. As her own way of “paying it forward,” she said, “I believe it’s important to help connect incoming VCD students to the program and help ease the transition from high school to college.”

She became an ambassador so she could hone her leadership abilities in an effort to encourage prospective students to join a major she loves dearly.

“It is both challenging and exhilarating,” Thomas said. “Design and illustration appealed to me because of the opportunity to combine my love of creativity with helping people.”

Thomas said she was born into a loud, fun family that encouraged her to be creative from the start. As a self-proclaimed creative problem solver, Thomas spent a lot of time crafting, building, designing and playing as a child. With an upbringing like this, it’s no surprise she went on to study in a creative field.

She said a major portion of her inspiration comes from her role model: her mother. “She’s a strong leader, great communicator and has an awesome sense of humor,” Thomas said. “She inspires me to put others first and has taught me to believe anything is possible.”

Thomas has been studying visual communication design at Kent for two years, and she is developing her own style of design. She enjoys focusing on anything humorous and playful and hopes to use that specific style to one day design and illustrate children’s books. Thomas says she appreciates the honesty and whimsicality of children’s books.

*The CCI Ambassador program is open to all CCI students interested in serving the college in this way. Students can apply through May 2 at


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