First Full-Time Dual-Degree Master’s Student Tackles Challenging Courses, Reporting Abroad

KelseyHusnickby Sarah Matthews

Not many Kent State students study abroad more than four times, instruct hundreds of students as a teaching assistant and pursue two master’s degrees as a full-time student.

For graduate student Kelsey Husnick, this is her reality, as she is the first full-time student to participate in the dual-degree program; she is pursuing her master’s in business administration and her master’s in communication with a focus in global communication.

“I’m basically the guinea pig for this program,” Husnick said.

The few students who are pursuing the dual degree are part time, pursuing their professional careers during the day. Husnick, however, is a full-time student who intends to finish the 55-credit-hour-minimum program in two years.

“I’m taking 16 credit hours, and full time for grad school is nine, so the dual degree program is taking double the amount of classes in order to get the two degrees,” she said.

Husnick, who received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Kent State, said the goal of her dual degree program is to one day pursue a career in covering businesses in journalism. During an internship at Business Inside Magazine in Cleveland, Husnick said she was first exposed to business writing and enjoyed the challenge of it.

“It was very fun to me to have to take a boring subject and put an interesting twist on it and make it relatable for people,” she said.

Husnick believes her MBA will give her a leg up when applying for jobs and will improve the quality of her writing.

“It’ll help me be more thorough and be more competent in my reporting because business is full of jargon,” she said.

Husnick, who recently returned from her fourth study abroad trip with Kent State, said her time studying abroad has been the most beneficial in furthering her education. Specifically, Husnick has enjoyed the International Storytelling course, which she has participated in three times, traveling to and reporting in Brazil, Estonia and Cyprus.

“Gary Hanson and Mitch McKenney have been really great, because they’re the ones who run the storytelling course and they’ve welcomed me back with open arms every time,” she said.

During job or internship interviews, the first thing Husnick said she is asked about is her time abroad.

“That’s really awesome because not many people can say that they’ve been able to report in a foreign country,” Husnick said. “That right there always sets me apart, and it’s such a great conversation starter for any interview.”

During her most recent trip, Husnick reported on the aftermath of the financial crisis in Cyprus, which officially ended in October of 2015. To read her story, visit the International Storytelling website.

“I was kind of checking on how the country was actually recovering after that financial crisis and seeing how the everyday citizens were feeling the blow of this crisis still to this day,” she said.

Husnick hopes to find a job after graduation where she can combine her passion for journalism and traveling.

“The dream is to be a foreign correspondent for some magazine like The Atlantic or The New Yorker, but more practical would be to write for something like Crain’s Cleveland Business or on the business news desk of some paper,” Husnick said.


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