5 Things You Only See On Campus During The Summer

By Maggie Wachtel

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.41.08 PM

Living on campus during the summer is great! No lines, no crowds, parking everywhere! Here are 5 things you only see on campus during the summer.




Hate waiting in line for a half hour to get your precious burrito? Fear not! It’s summer, no one is on campus, meaning there are no lines! Hooray!

2. Construction LITERALLY Everywhere!

giphy (3).gif

You think construction during the actual school year is bad? GUESS AGAIN. Try walking across campus without hearing the sound of a hammer or drill. Try driving down Summit Street without almost hitting some poor construction worker. It’s actually impossible.

3. You can actually walk on the Esplanade!

giphy (4).gif

Ever been on the esplanade in the middle of the week at noon? It’s a nightmare. There’s the really intense bicyclist, that one girl texting with headphones in not paying attention to anything around her, some guy on a skateboard weaving in and out of people. But not during the summer! During the summer, you can walk freely and not live in fear of being run over by the hoards of students late to their 12:15 classes. So much space. Truly amazing.

4. The library is DEAD!

giphy (2)

Being in the library during finals week is probably the worst. People who haven’t studied the entire semester take up all the comfy booths on the fourth floor, plus you have the usual students sleeping on the unsanitary beanbags. It’s chaos. Just wait until summer… no one is cramming for exams at the last second or taking up the six person tables all to themselves. THERE IS SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES.

5. The parking lots are EMPTY!

giphy (5).gif

Try parking anywhere close to your class during the fall and spring semester. It’s impossible. It’s easier to just walk 20 minutes than worry about getting a ticket or parking in the middle of nowhere. Except during the summer, there are UNLIMITED parking spaces!! Except you better buy a parking pass, or parking services will find you.


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