VCD Students To Travel Abroad This Spring


CCI students in the Visual Communication Design program will have the opportunity to travel abroad to London, England, and Dublin, Ireland, during Spring break 2017.

VCD students will spend spring break as well as the week after abroad for a “full-scale immersion in typography, hand-lettering and illustration on the islands on the edge of the Atlantic.”

While abroad, VCD students will be taking a class titled “Visual Language: A Form of Experience and Expression.” The class runs for seven weeks, cumulating in the two-week trip to Dublin and London. Students will then use material from their experience abroad to complete a creative design project, which they will turn in once they return to Kent State.

VCD Assistant Professor Christopher Darling will lead students on the study abroad trip this spring.

“Students will research and develop a themed or narrative design project based on a form of expression,” Darling said. “Last year, we had widely varied student projects utilizing photography, typography and illustration.”

Darling said students can also expect to be immersed in a variety of experiences while studying abroad.

“Students will gain knowledge and insight into new cultures and the elements that make them unique,” he said. “The trip will give students access to industry professionals, museums and libraries, group events and dinners, and free time to explore.”

VCD Assistant Professor Aoife Mooney will co-teach the course. She is a Dublin native who specializes in typeface design.

Previously, VCD students have studied abroad in Berlin and Prague, as well as in Greece and Turkey.

To be considered, students must apply before June 30. To apply and learn more about the Dublin/London program, visit


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