By Maggie Wachtel



When thinking about everyday on-campus jobs at Kent State, students might think of working in a dining hall or sitting at the front desk of an office. But two Kent State students are gaining experience through a job that is anything but ordinary.

Senior fashion merchandising major Melissa Spetich and junior public relations major Taylor Pierce are adding to their personal portfolios by serving as the 2016-2017 Kent State Campus Reps for Victoria’s Secret PINK. Working as Campus Reps presents both girls with the opportunity to earn real-world experience in the public relations and marketing field. Their key responsibilities include planning and marketing campus events, running all social media platforms for Kent State PINK and posting blog entries.

Both students have experience in public relations in the classroom. (Spetich is a PR minor.) Their positions as Campus Reps give them the opportunity to see what it is like to represent and market a brand, a skill Pierce believes will come in handy later on.

“A huge part of public relations is having the skills to successfully plan and implement campaigns and events,” Pierce said. “This experience will be so helpful to me in gaining those skills.”

Victoria’s Secret PINK is part of “L Brands,” a fashion retail company based out of Columbus, Ohio. Other L Brands stores include Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel and La Senza. Being Campus Reps for PINK could give Spetich and Pierce the opportunity to work with The Limited and L Brands later in their professional careers, and Spetich said she understands this to be a huge advantage.


“This program gives me the option to potentially pursue a career with The Limited, but I know Taylor and I will have to work hard as Reps and prove we are passionate and good at what we do,” Spetich said.

Pierce and Spetich said they have a lot of great events and contests planned for the semester. One of their main events will be hosting a viewing party for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Pierce and Spetich will also be in charge of the “Street Team,” a group of eight to ten girls who will help them market Victoria’s Secret PINK.

Learn more about Kent State PINK and stay updated about upcoming events by connecting with them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat at KentStatePINK.


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