Hillary at Kent State: My Experience Working On the Campaign

14883579_10209937540668065_1773786049330856623_oby Gabrielle Woodard

On October 31, with only eight days left in the election, Hillary Clinton visited the Kent State Recreation Center to speak to students and community members about why they should cast their ballots in her favor. She spoke about a vision she has for America where we work together to make everyone’s lives better.

I have participated in Hillary’s campaign in Ohio as a fellow with Ohio Together for the past three months, where I have registered voters and made calls to recruit volunteers. When it comes to this election, absolutely every volunteer hour counts. It can be as small as making a few phone calls or knocking a few doors…whatever it takes to remind people why it is so important that we vote this coming Tuesday.

(Early voting is a great perk of living in Ohio. You can vote early at your board of elections and skip the lines on Election Day. Better yet, take friend that needs to vote!)

Seeing the candidate in person was a huge motivator, but I was more excited for people who hadn’t heard her messages before. When the event was over, the room was buzzing with excitement to elect our first woman president.

This election has been exhausting for almost everyone involved; it has definitely been an election like no other. As Americans, we cannot afford to be idle and apathetic. We must practice our right to vote.


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