Which Starbucks Drink Are You Based On Your Major?

by Taylor Meade, ‘17

At CCI, some students power through a lot of coffee…or at least some Starbucks specialty drinks. With its convenient location near Franklin Hall and the pop-up locations on campus in the Center for Undergraduate Excellence and the Library, you can probably spot CCI students nearby. When it comes to completing projects, presentations and the occasional test, Starbucks is our key to success.


Communication Studies
You’re traditional black coffee. You can do a lot with your major. With six areas of concentration, students have the opportunity to study anything from interpersonal communication to global communication. The room you have to specialize is like the room you leave in black coffee for milk, sugar or even pumps of vanilla or caramel.

You’re a Doubleshot on Ice or a White Chocolate Mocha with an extra espresso shot (or two). You need to be wide awake. Whether you’re up late trying to catch breaking news with The Kent Stater, anchoring first thing in the morning on TV2 or just trying to get the right shot for the cover of A Magazine, a little extra espresso might help get the best coverage.

Public Relations
You’re a Latte Macchiato. You need enough espresso to get through that case study but not so much that you post ten exclamation points while live tweeting with PRSSA. Whether you’re finishing a campaign, press release or last-minute packing for National Conference, a little coffee will go a long way.

You’re either one of Starbucks fresh fruit smoothies or an Evolution Fresh™ drink. Although these aren’t V8+Energy’s, they’re a close second. These Starbucks drinks will give you just enough energy to kick butt in the Collegiate Effie Awards and still have time for Franklin Advertising.

Digital Media Production
You’re a Frappuccino. It’s important to keep “cool” when out filming the next fashion show or local high school football game with TeleProductions. And just like the people anxiously waiting for the right temperature outside to drink a Frappuccino, DMP majors are anxiously waiting for the next KSUIF feature-length film to begin production.

VCD and Photography
You’re a Chai Latte. (Did you know there’s a version with extra espresso on the secret menu?) When you spend all night in the studio, the next afternoon you’re going to need a pick-me-up to get through the day. In fact, with sophomore and junior reviews, just grab a couple of friends and order the Starbucks Coffee Traveler (or just drink it all yourself) and get to work!



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