My Career Expo Experience


By Elline Concepcion ’17

Two years ago I attended Career Expo.

When I walked in, everything was already up and running. There were lines of eager students at every table waiting to talk to independent consultants, agencies and corporate offices.

I’ll admit it, I was nervous. I had been to events similar, but never something to this scale. I was worried about getting the first one out of the way, so I looked for the shortest line. I took a deep breath and walked towards the table. I remember my hands being sweaty. I tightly gripped by purse and folder full of resumes.

The representatives from Time Warner immediately read my deer-in-headlights expression and helped me ignore the jitters. They briefed me on their company and the opportunities available. Unfortunately, what they needed was not a fit for me. They understood and thanked me for my time. I thanked them for helping me shake out my nerves.

After that first meet and greet, the rest were much easier. I eased into conversations with professionals and felt confident in my first impressions. With a few less resumes in hand, I left the CareerExpo feeling proud.

The connections I made did result in some interviews, but unfortunately I didn’t get the offer I wanted. Funny enough, a fellow advertising friend accepted the position.

I am excited to attend the 2017 Career Expo and connect with more professionals as graduation is just around the corner. For the new people attending, I hope you have as great of an experience as I did. For the veteran friends of the career fair, I’ll see you in the ring! 

Students, register for Career Expo 2017 by February 24. Learn more here:


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