Types of Internships


In Washington, D.C. there are internships to fit just about any interest. Whether you are a communication, journalism or VCD major, D.C. could be the place for you. Washington D.C. is the center of the political world, many large corporations with political interests maintain some kind of presence here. I use Indeed.com when looking for internships in D.C., I added a few links to some summer internships that could fit a variety of interests:

If your interest is: Law

Law internships can be kind of hard because many of these internships are looking for current law students but finding that perfect law related internship could really help you have some experience for your law school applications.


Internship: Public Defender Service

I had a friend intern at the Public Defender Service and she really found it to be fascinating. She was doing on the ground evidence collecting and witness interviews so she learned how much truly goes into a defense case and how much time it requires.

Internship: Office of Legislative Affairs

My first internship was in the FCC’s Office of Legislative Affairs working with attorneys and preparing materials for congressional hearings. This would be a perfect internship for a future law student because potential mentors surround you. Every government agency has an office of legislative affairs often referred to as OLA. Just go to the website of the agency you are interested in and look at the internship opportunities. If you are set on an internship in OLA but don’t see an opening, try emailing the director of the office and ask for an informational interview or phone call, this is a great way to get your name out there and find out about any opportunities.

If your interest is: Journalism

Journalism internships can cover a large number of opportunities depending on what you’re looking for. You can go the traditional route with a newspaper or television station or could see journalism from the other side doing a public affairs internship (mentioned later).


Internship: Digital News

Just about every internship is looking for someone that has good writing skills, so that means that there are lots of opportunities for journalism students. Many internships are also looking for proofreaders and someone to write blogs for their site. Being a journalism student gives you lots of writing samples to include with your application. This internship with “MADE IN THE DISTRICT” is looking for someone to write for their website and many other journalism responsibilities.

Internship: CNN

Internships with national news organizations are highly coveted so apply early and find a way to make your application unique. The cool thing about working with the national media is the people you meet from all over in the news business. Working with a national company is a great way to discover opportunities in New York, Atlanta and really just about anywhere.

If your interest is: Design

Just about every internship is looking for someone with some kind of design skill, if they aren’t it is definitely mentioned in the “preferred qualifications” section. So being a Visual Communication Design major definitely can put you at an advantage for many internships.


Internship: Design Thinking Internship

An internship with a local university like the University of Maryland is a great way to meet people that live in the area. Many of these internships don’t expect people to apply from different states, so that motivation can really make you stand out in an interview. Universities are often on the forefront in research so this is a great way to build a professional portfolio.

Internship: BAE Graphic Design Intern

So the defense industry has a special place in my heart and maybe it will in yours too. BAE is a defense contractor; it is pronounced b. a. e. not bae, the slang term that most millennials will recognize. The cool thing about defense is how much they really rely on design, these designs often have to be very detailed and accurate so these internships could definitely put you through your paces. These companies are often quite large so there could be a job waiting at the end of this internship.

If your interest is: Policy or Research

In Washington, policy is really what makes the world go round.  A policy internship would be great for someone who is very detailed oriented and okay with working on one thing for a longer period of time.  When looking for a policy internship, it is really important to work on a policy that is close to your heart and something you care about.  Many policy interns assist in research, these internships may be at think tanks with experts in a specific field.


Internship: Policy and Advocacy Intern at the International Rescue Committee

This internship is perfect for the issues the United States is currently facing. This internship is working on policy for refugees and other displaced people. This internship would lead to a wealth of information and a specialty about an important issue right now.

Internship: New America Cyber security Initiative Intern

Depending on your interest, you might be interested in this internship working on cyber security policy. This internship seems to be about more than just researching the policy so it could be exciting for someone who likes to cover a lot of duties to accomplish a team goal.

If your interest is: Public Relations

There are many opportunities for those interested in public relations. Many agencies have locations in the DC area and just about every agency, NGO (non-governmental organization) and non-profit needs PR.


Internship: Fleishman-Hillard

A PR agency internship is more of a traditional route, but there is nothing wrong with that! A PR agency in DC is likely working for government clients but many other clients as well, this is a great opportunity to see what kind of clients you enjoy working with or if you enjoy having many clients!

Internship: American Cancer Society Grassroots Summer Intern

Grassroots is certainly a buzzword in PR and politics. This internship is a great way to work for a great cause and learn about how to get people involved in a cause. It is a way to get a traditional a non-traditional PR internship all in one!

By Gabrielle Woodard, ’17


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