What I Learned This Semester

I flew across the world in 2015 to follow my dreams, now, finally stepping into my junior year, I can feel the change in me. The part of the world that I come from is not very different from America if we disregard all sorts of stereotypes. We eat the same fast food, we watch the same movies and TV shows, we have the same work ethics, etc., etc. However, this spring semester really made me realize how much I have grown as a person.

Coming to Kent State I realized how wonderfully diverse the culture is in a university town. When you are 8,000 miles away from home, it is essential to be accepted in a community and create a sense of belonging for oneself. I was able to engage myself in a vibrant environment, which honored free speech and freedom of expression.  Each and every individual proclaimed the strength in unity that symbolized diversity.

As young adults, we take our independence for granted. We believe that being independent is nothing but moving out and living on your own. But when you apply this independence on the opposite side of the world along with your college bills and tuition fees, it makes you believe in yourself. It has been a privilege to participate in college activities that enable me to expand my horizons, to be kind, respectful, and generous in my manner and demeanor.

Spring 2017 semester made me realize that the food I took for granted in my house is nothing but a reflection of an ignorant young girl. After 2 years, I understand the efforts of hard work and the support of my loving family. Through rigorous bumps in my path, I can believe in myself through all the challenges that are thrown at me. I look forward to rising and pursing countless milestones with a sense of optimism after this semester.

Amrita Datta


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