5 Things I Want to Learn This Summer

Ana Sanor

Effective Blogging


Blogging has become a popular way for our generation to share their thoughts, experiences, and advice with the world. From fashion and make-up blogs, to travel blogs and food blogs, you are bound to find the blog that fits exactly what you’re looking for. But what I want to know is what makes a blog popular. This summer, I hope to learn effective ways of blogging and how to become a better blogger myself by learning what content catches a viewer’s eye.

Creating Content for Specific Audiences


Blogging effectively depends on your ability to reach your audience. For blogs and other social media platforms, I want to learn what tactics reach the most people. I’m interested in looking at the analytics of websites, social media platforms, and certainly blog posts as well. I’m interested in what day and time people view the most content and also what content receives the most likes or clicks.

The Best Angles for Filming


After analyzing a scene shot by shot, I realized how important angles truly are to making a film. From medium shots to close-ups to deep focus shots, I never truly appreciated the importance of the perfect angle until I got a taste of the film world.  I hope to learn how to create a truly eye-catching piece that an audience would want to watch over and over.

New Video Platforms


I haven’t had much experience in learning about new technologies in the video-editing spectrum. I started taking basic film courses in high school and began a minor in Digital Media Production last semester. I hope to learn what video platforms can help me become a more advanced filmmaker.

Kent State Branding


Kent has invested a lot of time and effort in creating its new brand. This includes structuring the website and Flashline to fit its new messaging. I would love to learn how to properly use Kent’s branding in advertisements and on digital platforms.


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