10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to China

Amrita Datta and Tyler Haughn


Be prepared for a change in climate. The weather is extremely muggy. The humidity levels were high with either really hot or rainy afternoons.



It is a spicy food lovers’ paradise. The food is so spicy that it can cause your tongue to burn.



It takes 14 hours to reach China from the United States. The journey is full of debating whether to stay awake with anticipation or try to sleep it off. (Shoutout to Michael Gallagher for being the only person still smiling after the plane ride.)


China4Most people in China, aside from the students, don’t know English. So adapting to a very different culture and language barrier is important.



Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and forge lasting friendships.



China will help you discover the inner shopaholic within you. There are shopping districts and malls every 15 minutes.



Get used to drinking beer if you want something cold with your meals. The water is served only as warm. (Just kidding… You can always find a variety of cold beverages.)


China8You can explore the ancient past of China and experience a country with a deep history and modernized future. (Modern travelers at the feet of the 1,300 year old Buddha statue.)



Forget Snapchatting your cool experience every 15 minutes as there is limited Wi-Fi.



Befriend a local to take you to places that are off the tourists’ path. This will allow you to experience China fully. (A Chinese friend of ours took us to the biggest bookstore – Fang Suo Commune in Chengdu.)


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