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CCI Offers Wide Array of Summer Courses

Summer sessions at Kent State give students the opportunity to get some classes out of the way and to catch up, get ahead or stay on track to graduate.  While some students might cringe at the thought of taking summer classes, others take advantage of the chance to complete a few courses in six or eight weeks as opposed to the fifteen-week semester during the school year.

This summer, the College of Communication and Information is offering over 30 courses that span across all four schools: Communication Studies, Journalism & Mass Communication, Library & Information Science and Visual Communication Design. Courses are offered both in-person and online, giving students the option to choose the best learning environment for their needs. CCI is offering courses at all levels, from 10000-level introductory classes to 40000-level senior seminars. Don’t think these courses are all work and no play; JMC is offering summer film courses about Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, and zombie movies.

There are three summer sessions with courses offered during each session. Summer I runs June 9 – July 12, lasting six weeks; Summer II runs June 9 – August 2, lasting eight weeks; and Summer III runs July 14 – August 16, lasting six weeks. The last day to add courses for Summer I is tomorrow, Thursday, June 12, so be sure to sign up now if you are interested in taking a CCI course this summer!


Students taking notes in Professor Jan Leach’s Ethics and Issues in Mass Communication summer class

CCI Students Help Freshmen Schedule at DKS

Kent State welcomes new students and families with a three-step orientation program that begins with Destination Kent State, a two-day summer program where students have the opportunity to connect with other students, become familiar with campus and meet with an academic adviser to register for fall classes. College of Communication and Information students sit down with an academic adviser in their specific school (Communication Studies, Journalism & Mass Communication, Library & Information Science or Visual Communication Design) in order to get the best advice for scheduling. CCI also has three current students involved in the advising and scheduling process who meet one-on-one with the students. These CCI students are able to give advice from the perspective of a current student who has taken similar classes and been involved with student organizations through their major.

This summer there are three CCI students who are working with advising and registration for DKS: senior public relations major Erica Batyko, mediated and mass communications graduate student Alisa Frye and senior global communications major Anna Hoffman. These students greet the DKS participants before their advising appointment and get to know their major, where they will be living and some of their interests. They also share about their own experiences in CCI. The DKS students then meet with an academic adviser who goes through their major road map and gives them suggestions for classes to take in the fall. After this meeting, the students return to Batyko, Frye or Hoffman, who then create the schedule for the new students.

Having Batyko, Frye and Hoffman there to meet with the incoming freshmen allows them to feel more comfortable choosing their first schedule of college classes by hearing first-hand experiences from actual CCI students. These students are heavily involved in CCI and are able to speak from experience about majors, professors, student organizations and study abroad trips.

ImageHoffman, Batyko and Frye

New COMM course focuses on propaganda in history

Looking for a new, compelling class to take next semester? The School of Communication Studies is offering the “Media, War and Propaganda” course during Fall 2012 for the first time during a regular semester.

“I’m really excited about the course as a whole,” said Dr. James Trebing, the professor for this course. “I like this kind of stuff, and I hope that excitement is shared with students.” He added that he’s intrigued by the methods used to manipulate people, especially during an election year.

This course will dissect the nature and history of propaganda, similarly to the “Vietnam: Messages from the Cultural Divide” course. Dr. Trebing said he plans to utilize various posters, cartoons and films from history to provide a basis for analysis and class discussion. The majority of the material he plans to use has been produced in relationship to martial war, and some has been derived from cultural war and advertising. This will include Defense Department documentaries, Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck cartoons from WWII, The Day the Earth Stood Still and more.

“Media, War and Propaganda” will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30- 1:45 p.m. To find the class, look for COMM 42000, course number 12200.

While anyone can register for this course, public communication majors can use it as one of their upper division requirements. Hurry up and register before it fills up!

How does CCI fit into Destination Kent State?

By Emily Carle

For all of our newest Kent State students, the most exciting part of the summer outside of move-in day is Destination Kent State. The day and a half orientation program allows students to learn more about Kent State, meet faculty and advisors, schedule classes and most importantly connect with fellow classmates.

While all of the information is beneficial to student success, it can be a little overwhelming. To make it easier for students, there are different sessions focusing on specific topics throughout their time in Kent. Specifically, the session Pillars of Success, known just as Pillars, focuses on each student’s major and how to get involved within their college.

As the College of Communication and Information, we offer students a look into the structure of the college and where they fit in their school and their major. Kent State University can be a big place and it is comforting to know that students have a home within CCI. Some of the best ways to feel connected is by getting involved. Luckily with CCI, there are dozens of ways to get involved with all of our majors. We stress to students, first-year students especially, to get involved in some way.

Our award-winning Student Media offers all students real-world experience in a handful of different media. Other CCI clubs include Kent Communication Society, American Institute of Graphic Arts, KSU Ad Club, and Public Relations Student Society of America that allow students to connect with classmates, faculty and alumni.

Outside of offering a support system and opportunities to the new CCI students, we want to help students find their paths within their major. To explore the majors that the college offers, visit the About CCI page or browse all degrees through Graduation Planning System.

Another valuable addition for a college student is the opportunity to study abroad. CCI offers numerous programs from two weeks to semester long trips abroad that cater to the wants and skills of our own students.

From Destination Kent State to Graduation, CCI will be there for student for advice, support, opportunities and experience. Come to us with questions!

What are some tips you wish you would have learned as a first-year student?

If you are a first-year student, what questions do you have about CCI Kent State?

If you have already attended Destination Kent State, what was your favorite part? What could be improved?

Emily is a communication studies graduate and a marketing assistant for the College of Communication and Information.

Familiar Faces: Vince Giles

By Emily Carle

Here’s a fact that everyone knows: Kent State University employs thousands of faculty and staff. Some meet directly with students, some don’t. There are also some staff members that are very important for students to know about, especially within CCI. The newest addition to Why CCI Kent’s blog will cover those familiar faces around the College of Communication & Information that students should get to know.

First on the list, you have to meet Vince Giles, the academic advisor for the School of Visual Communication Design. Right now, his office is located in 113A Art Building, complete with a comfortable couch for relaxing. An advisor at Kent State since 2001, Vince has been exclusive with VCD since 2008.

Vince Giles, VCD Advisor
Vince Giles, VCD Advisor

Most students visit Vince with questions about course scheduling and course sequencing. With VCD being such a sequential major, it is vital for students to stay on the right track. Students also ask questions about majors, minors, classes and just the general question: “Am I on the right path?” Besides the academic life, Vince encourages students to come by and talk about anything, music and sports are some favorites, but anything is up for discussion in his office; he notes, “life isn’t just about academics, success isn’t just about academics.”

In his own words, Vince is the “ultimate wingman.” He is “absolutely committed to students, it’s not just a professional charge but also a personal goal. I am the ultimate wingman, I am the assist man. My assist game is phenomenal. I’m like the Robin to these students, I’ll hook them up.”

Emily Carle is a senior applied communication major and marketing assistant in the Dean’s Office of the College of Communication and Information.

Friendly Reminder: Last Day to Drop Classes

Hello Friends!

Just a friendly reminder, today is the last day to add or drop a 15-week course without getting a ‘W’ (withdrawal) mark on your transcript. Remember, if you need to be full time for financial aid purposes, you must have 12 credits.

Here are some helpful links:

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KSU’s Financial Aid Office – financial information

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