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My YouToo 2016 Recap: Hana Barkowitz

IMG_0171I had never been to the YouToo Social Media Conference before, and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited. Here was my chance to meet expert public relations and communications practitioners, so I had to look sharp. As it turns out, looking like you know what you’re doing is harder than it looks.

I arrived in the 6th outfit I tried on that morning. After settling into my seat, I felt the energy buzzing in the room. I noticed that when you put a bunch of PR-minded people into one room, the energy is through the roof. It was a good feeling.

The portion of the conference that stuck out the most to me was the “Keybank: Delivering a #KeyInsider Experience Via Social.” It was the first breakout. What stood out to me the most about this particular presentation was just how interested I became in a bank’s marketing strategy. I never thought a bank would peak my interest, but it did. I enjoyed how they used strategic partnerships and generated engagement through exclusive giveaways with the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don’t understand sports, but I understand public relations and communication, so it gave me a newfound appreciation for working with athletic organizations to create buzz.

My second favorite part of the conference was Scott Monty’s keynote speech. His charisma attracted everyone’s attention, and there wasn’t a boring second of his speech. He had some great tips for communication and social media, drawing on his IMG_0118past experience at Ford, and he talked about how effective public relations and customer service are a joint deal; you can’t have one without the other.

Overall, my experience at YouToo was positive and memorable. I’m able to implement what I learned into my everyday life and into my PR state of mind. Since the conference, I’ve been bragging to my friends about how I met communication celebrities and how I’m so excited for the 10th YouToo. It’s bound to be amazing.

Why I’m Excited for YouToo: Morgan Barba

MorganWhat excites me most about 2016 YouToo? Hmm…

After checking out this year’s conference schedule, I was immediately halted at the first feature on the list. Something that seems hearty and wholesome, with the ability to nourish an entire auditorium. Yes, there’s something almost… continental about it.


Just kidding. YouToo 2016 has much more to offer than free bagels and coffee. What I’m really looking forward to comes just after breakfast but looks equally as flavorful.

I’m talking about the opening keynote with Kyle Michael Miller. Miller’s 8:45 a.m. presentation is about how the TODAY Show’s involvement in the digital space led it to be the number one morning show on social media.

Something I’ve always struggled with as a visual communication design major/pretend-Journalism-and-Mass-Communication major is how to make anything on social stand out from the clutter, especially in the pile of Twitter-litter we live in. I’m looking forward to hearing how I can help clean up that mess and learning how TODAY already has.

Just as the most important meal of the day to consume is breakfast, the most important social media we digest must have substance. So Friday, I won’t only be waking up for the bagels and O.J. – I’m already hungry for Miller’s lecture.

Why I’m Excited for YouToo: Maggie Wachtel

MaggieAdam Earnheardt, Ph.D., one of the speakers at this year’s YouToo Social Media Conference, is leading a student-only session entitled “TMW You Realize Social Media Is Part of Your Job.” He is chair and associate professor of communication studies in the Department of Communication at Youngstown State University and is a social media researcher, educator, critic, and enthusiast.

Earnheardt studies the connection between social media and sports fandom, which I am very interested to hear about. One of his studies looked at how sports fans are connecting with each other on social media, as well as how fans connect with their favorite players or athletes.

As a sports fan myself, I am looking forward to hearing him speak about the social media relationship between players and fans. I have always found the relationship fans form when following their favorite players and athletes on social media to be fascinating. I also believe it to be a mutually beneficial relationship; the athletes get to connect with their fans and build their brand and fan-base while the fans receive access to their idol’s every move and, in turn, feel like they know and have a connection with them.

I think Adam Earnheardt’s session will be very interesting, and it will teach students the psychology behind sports fans and social media.

Why I’m Excited for YouToo: Hana Barkowitz

12688152_10204380773994505_6632885204017613936_nAs a public relations major and political science minor, it’s important that I learn how to market a political candidate or political idea. One potential career that interests me greatly is lobbying, which is convincing people who can make changes why something is important. Essentially, it is marketing an idea to influencers, and social media is an effective tool in reaching that goal. That’s why I’m very excited for the “Social Media Meets Marketing – What PR Pros Need to Know” portion of the YouToo Conference.

I’m especially excited to hear from a panel of speakers, as opposed to a single speaker, so I can receive a variety of opinions and suggestions on this topic. The panelists, Jennifer Ristic from Point to Point, Michael Schwabe from Pierry Software, and fellow PRKent student Marcus Donaldson, will each bring a different perspective to the table.

While I consider myself proficient in social media, I’m aware that I need to strengthen my skills in order to be a successful PR professional. I am constantly trying to increase my knowledge and experience in public relations, especially as a college student, and I need professional advice on how to successfully execute marketing initiatives through social media.

I was originally a marketing minor, but eventually I decided to switch to political science. Hopefully, this will be a sort of “crash course” in some of what I would have learned as a marketing minor.

I’ve never been to YouToo before, so I’m really curious and excited to experience every aspect of it. Networking is so important, and there is no better way to network than when you are surrounded with like-minded, career-oriented people and professionals.